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Staff Spotlight: Andrew Finch

June 21st, 2024

First days are always full of mixed emotions and unknowns. Am I going to fit in? Will I like what I do? Will I be making a difference in people’s lives? These were all questions that were going through my head as I stepped through the doors of the Ronald McDonald House for the first time. I was immediately greeted by a kind volunteer at the front desk, and another volunteer showed me where I needed to go.

As I toured the building and started meeting other staff, I got such a sense of pride from them for the organization and the work they are doing to help create and foster a safe and welcoming space for families. This pride and kindness continued over when we had an evening staff meeting my first week. Still feeling the nerves of meeting and working with new people, I entered the space, only to be greeted with warm welcomes and exclamations that, “Andrew is here! Hi Andrew!” It was at that moment that I realized I may have found a new place I could call “home.”

With all of my good experiences so far in the House, I am thankful that those have been echoed in the Family Room as well. While training has been thorough and involved, I have had time to experience the Family Room and meet some of the families and staff at Rogers Behavioral Health (RBH). When I was searching for my new job, a priority for me was to find a job that would leave an impact on others. I really felt that impact during the beginning of my second week on the job when a new family came in with their patient and other child. After giving them a tour of the space, I left them to enjoy the Family Room. Shortly after I had returned to my office, laughter began to fill the space as I listened to this family just enjoy each other’s company and the escape from the pressures and reality of their lives. This moment solidified my decision to come to RMHC and set my mind at ease knowing that I found somewhere to work with great people and an incredible mission.

During my exploration of files and documents, I came across the meaning behind the RMHC logo. The meaning of the heart coming out of the chimney represents the love and compassion at the core of the mission. As I settle into my role as Family Room Manager, I want to continue that legacy of providing exceptional, compassionate and loving care to the families and patients at RBH. I am looking forward to working with my staff and volunteer team as we strive to make the Family Room the best that it can be.

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