Girls writing letters to the fairies in the Secret Garden

Sweet and Joyful Moments at Work

August 1st, 2017

I’m not going to lie, sometimes my job is really, really hard- not the actual tasks involved, but the enormity of the tasks before me.   The energy in the House is often palatable and my tender heart sometimes breaks along with the families who are suffering.  And then there are days that make my heart sing.

First thing Monday morning there were two sweet girls waiting for me to get to work, their little sister was over at the hospital and they were with their babysitter patiently awaiting my arrival.  Huge hugs and even bigger smiles greeted me.  I knew that their family had recently put in a  pool, so when I inquired if they were now fish, I was quickly corrected, “NO, we are mermaids!”  The conversation continued as I asked them what color their tails were and they giggled “Miss Bridget, we’re not REALLY mermaids!”

Moments like these, short and unbelievably sweet keep me going.  This week has been filled with beautiful moments…. I witnessed  two sisters tucked up near the Fairy Garden thoughtfully writing notes to the fairies who reside there.  I chatted with a delightful donors who want to help us keep families close, they are grateful for healthy children and grandchildren.

A busy little two year old shared his train with me and we had a moment pushing it back and forth on the bench in our lobby- crashing trains is highly underrated!  His mom was grateful for a moment to finish a conversation while he and I got better acquainted.  There were hugs from volunteers who share their time and talents so unselfishly and it’s only Wednesday….. I can only imagine what treasures await me as I slide into the end of the week.  My tender heart is beating strong and my determination to keep doing what I can to make sure these families have a place to call home for as long as they need is stronger.

Bridget Kesner, Director of Philanthropy

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