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McNugget’s Visit to the Vet

November 28th, 2016

Hi lil Buddies,

It’s McNugget!  I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me last week.

So human Mom and Dad had to go out for a while to do whatever moms and dads do.  Mom noticed that I had gotten on the counter and ate something that was bad for me.  So Mom picked me up, and Dad drove me really fast to the WVRC Pet Hospital.   I wasn’t’ sure what was going on, but when we got there, I was so excited to see so many dogs.  I thought maybe I was there to play!

The Vet started to take me to the backroom, I looked at Mom and Dad.. they looked  really worried.  I gave them a big smile to let them know that I would be okay…that made them feel better.  But now my tummy was really not feeling well.  The nice people kept saying that I would feel better soon.   I knew whatever was in my tummy, had to get out…fast.   They gave me some medicine to make me spit up and realized that I needed to be treated overnight.  I didn’t want to stay there overnight… I was scared.  I let them put an IV line in and I laid down.  Then the sweet lady came to my crate.  She said that Dad wanted me to have something.  I looked up and there in her hand was Lambchop, my favorite toy.  I was so happy!  He felt so good and I laid with him forever.

I had my own private crate.  But I got to see my new friends come in and out of the room.  I wanted to play with them, but the Vet was taking care of them so I guess we could play later.  I got sleepy and took a quick nap.  When I woke up,  I had a cone on my head!  Oh no…I had one of these before.  I hope the guys didn’t see me…how embarrassing!

The next day, I was super tired.  They took blood work, and thought it was best if I stayed another night.  Bummer, I missed my sister, Pepper.  But I really felt safe and that the staff there really cared for me.  So I knew, I just had to wait a little longer.

Finally, I heard them say, “Everything looks good!   McNugget, you get to go home”

YAY!!!.    The vet listened to my heart and took my blood pressure one more time.   Smiled at me, then took me to another room where I saw Mom and Dad.  I was so happy and relieved.  I get to go home!

I guess I learned something.  If a lid is super, duper hard to get off…maybe I shouldn’t eat what’s inside.  Also,  if something is out of my reach, I guess its better not to try to get it.  And something else I learned.  The Vet and the staff at WVRC are amazing.  I could tell that they really cared for me and that Mom and Dad were glad that they took me there.

I know that some of you have been in the hospital and that you have been through things worse than what happened to me.  But now I know how scary it can be.  Having great hospitals like Wisconsin’s Children’s Hospital and WVRC make things better because the people there are really smart and nice.  I am so lucky and thankful.

I would also like to say thanks for the well wishes from the RMH staff. That was soooo sweet of you guys to send me a card.


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